Header Players Guide – Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris

KLTK (the Royal Lawn Tennis Club) in cooperation with the Swedish Tennis Association.


Kungl. Tennishallen (the Royal Tennis Hall), Lidingövägen 75, Stockholm.
Phone +46 8 459 15 00.


Arlanda Airport (ARN), transfer from Arlanda by Arlanda Express (train). Skavsta (NYO), transfer from Skavsta by bus. Bromma Airport (BMA), transfer from Bromma by bus.


Scheduled shuttle bus between the official hotels and the club is provided. Timetable displayed at this website, in the hotel lobby and in Players Lounge at the club.

Free hospitality is free accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accommodation means shared hotel rooms taking into consideration the Welfare Policy issued by ITF and supported by Tennis Europe.

Hospitality definition

A National Squad consists of 1-2 Boys and/or 1-2 Girls and one (1) National Coach/accompanying person. (Only (1) National Coach per squad are entitled to free hospitality, it is not possible to change National Coach during the tournament regarding hospitality).

To receive Free Hospitatlity the player must be accepted to the Singles Main Draw (directly, as Wild Card, or through Qualifying), and have actually played in this draw, or withdrew with an on-site Medical Certificate issued by the tournament physician. Players qualified under these condition, shall receive Free Hospitality as long as he/she is still in Singles Main Draw, Doubles and/or Bonus Draw.

For hospitality defined as “Until eliminated”: From Sunday February 24 until the morning after elimination from the Singles Main Draw, Doubles and/or Bonus Draw whichever is later, and includes breakfasts from 1st day of Singles Main Draw until morning after being eliminated; lunches and dinners from 1st day of Singles Main Draw until day of being eliminated.

Free Hospitality is not for “Doubles only” players.

Official coaches/accompanying person must be nominated by their Nation Association by the Freeze Deadline in order to receive Free Hospitality, in accordance with each tournament’s hospitality arrangements.

Official Hotel

Elite Palace Hotel
Elite Hotel Arcadia

Price: 850 SEK/single bedroom, 1.200 SEK/double room including breakfast. For National Squads: Free hospitality until last member of the squad is eliminated, and for other Main Draw Players: Free hospitality until eliminated.
Booking: A form for hotel bookings will be sent out to all players on the acceptance list. Please fill in the form to make a reservation and send it to  KKDP@KLTK.SE, telephone during the tournament +46 (0) 8 459 15 15. To download the form, click link HERE.


SEK, EUR and USD will be accepted in the restaurant/gym/pro shop at the club.

Practice courts

Practice courts available from morning to late. Reservations can be made only on site at Players Desk.


Slazenger Wimbledon
We charge a deposit of 10 euro/100 SEK for practice balls.


Players will have free access to the gym.
Special rate for coaches and families (50 SEK).

Locker room

Players in Main Draw will have free access to the members locker rooms. Visitors locker room wll be used during the Qualifying event.


Towels will be available to borrow in the members locker rooms as from Monday.


Water (Grythyttan) will be provided for matches. Tap water is drinkable.


Lunch will be served in the club restaurant from 11:00 – 15:00 and dinner from 17.00 – 20:00.

Stringing Service

Stringing service available in the Pro Shop at the club. Special price for players SEK 100 (own strings). You will also have 10% discount in the Pro Shop.

Players Party

All players, players parents and coaches are welcome to the Players Party on Wednesday 18.30-21.00 (open house) at the club.

Coaches meeting

All coaches are welcome to our tournament introduction meeting in our members New Club Room (located through the restaurant) on Sunday February 24th at 17:15.

Coaches Mingle

All coaches are welcome to a mingle hour in our members New Club Room (located through the restaurant) Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th from 18.00-19.00. Light refreshments will be served.

Travelling in Stockholm

Catching the bus
Board the bus through the front doors and show your ticket to the driver or touch in with your SL Access card on the blue card readers.

At certain locations in Stockholm’s city centre there are inspectors that admit passengers through the rear doors too.

When you wish to disembark, push the “Stop” buttom. The word “Stannar” lights up in the display on the bus. On Stockholm city centre blue buses you must also push a buttom to open the doors. This buttom is on the pole next to the door.

Taking the Metro
There is a manned barrier and automatic barriers for those with cards at almost all of the stations. At the smaller country stations there might be no barriers at al. You must buy a ticket from the ticket mashine if you do not already have one

All Metro stop at all stations along the line.

Arlanda Express
The airport express train Arlanda Express is the fastest and most environmentally friendly way of travelling between Stockholm City and Arlanda Airport. No stops in the way – you’re whisked to your destination in 20 minutes or less. The trains depart from Tracks 1 and 2 at Stockholm Central Station, and we have two stations at Arlanda Airport: Arlanda South (Terminals 2, 3 and 4) and Arlanda North (Terminal 5). Sky City can be reached from either stations.


Tournament Director                             +46 (0) 767 143 768
Assistant Tournament Director          +46 (0) 764 205 752
Players Desk                                              +46 (0) 8 459 15 47
Tournament Secretary                          +46 (0) 8 459 15 15