In these Olympic times, we reflect on how powerful our sport is. In this year’s event, there are no less than 33 countries represented. This gives us confidence that Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris is one of the leading tournaments of this age group and category.

To enter the main draw directly, you need to be top 50 ranked in Europe. Six of the top 10 boys and seven of the top 10 top-ranked girls are in. No Swedes are directly qualified. However, 10 boys and girls will get this opportunity through WCs and OAs.

– When you see the starting line-up, you are struck by the diversity. Previous events have been dominated by Eastern Europe, now more than ever, countries travel with their national teams and strongest players, commenting Tournament Director Joe Beaton. – We are very proud to welcome promising and fierce national teams from Russia, France, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Poland and Bulgaria, continues Joe Beaton.

As usual, junior tennis is difficult to predict, but it is difficult to overlook first seed Daria Shnaider, Russia (Girls Singles) and Constantinos Koshis, Cyprus (Boys Singel). In addition to these two, we are pleased to mention two Czechs. This small country but big tennis nation continues to produce players year after year.