Kungens Kanna winner Jack Pinnington Jones jumps from 23 and makes his first top 10 ranking. Finalist Pierleoni jumps 21 spots to number 13. French semifinalist Westphal goes from 20 to 14. Elmer Möller stays at number 2 and Bahamas Jacobi Bain is up to 23 now.

Swedish Leo Borg breaks top 20 with 19th position after his quarterfinal and other swede in quarters Michael Minasyan splits his ranking in half, from 75 to 37!

The champion of Drottningens Pris Amarissa Toth is closing in on top 10 after reaching number 13 after success in Stockholm. Finalist Elena Karner is new in top 50 at 48 after impressive display, up from 87.

Czech Vidmanova is up two spots and new number 6. Bondarenko stays at number three with doubles win and American Tikhonko cracks top 40 at number 36.