It is clear to see from the quality that we are fast approaching the final rounds of the KK and DP, the matches are more intense, and the duals are longer lasting. With each round for sure, a little extra effort is required.

On Wednesday it was the last-16 of this Tennis Europe Category 1 tournament for Under 14, in the Royal Tennis Club of Stockholm. Unfortunately, the last remaining Swedes Albert Saar (Lidingö TK) and Stina Larsson (Lillån TK) came to the end of their journey due to fierce resistance and struggle to find top form.

Big names in the boys’ event, Mihai Alexandru Coman from Romania and the Russians Maxim Zhukov and Yaroslav Demin (picture), moved in the quarters without too much trouble.

Volodymyr Lakubenko from Ukraine has sneaked in at the forefront of the seeded players after defeating Austrian Moritz Lesjak, and this match could have gone either way. However, Lakubenko clenched the win 6-0, 4-6, 6-4.

Aleksa Pisaric from Serbia blasted his way into the next round crushing the Swiss player Patrick Schoen 6-1, 6-0.

On the girls side the second-seeded Russian Elena Pridankina lost to the much younger Brenda Fruhvirtova, Brenda is the younger sister of Linda who won the tournament in 2018. She is born 2007, impressive that she is almost two years younger than most of her opponents here at Drottningens Pris.

– In the quarterfinals of the girls’ event, we have players from seven different nations, nice to see the diversity and widespread talent. Today we saw some great tennis, but tomorrow Thursday should be even more heated. comments tournament director Joe Beaton.