The qualification round for this year’s Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris (KKDP) is now complete; we noticed a more favourable interest this year compared to 2018. It was nice to see that all qualification spots were taken.

The number of Swedish participants thinned out dramatically after qualifying, with only Cornelia Käck (Sigtuna TK) entering the Main Draw. However, hope is still with those Swedes that are already directly in the Main Draw that have received Wild Cards. The strong Finnish team stood out in qualifying; we will keep a close eye on these three players.

On Monday 128 players (64 boys and 64 girls) will participate in the Main Draw. The competition is looking fierce with many great players, look out for Rasheed Nawad (from Qatar), who is on a roll from the final in Tarbes.

On the girl’s side, it will be fun to look out for Orange Bowl winner from December 2018, American Clervie Hgounoue (picture).

– The competition will be hard for everyone from the looks of this year’s overall quality; I feel that maybe Switzerland has travelled with the strongest team, mentions Joe Beaton, Tournament Director.

On the Swedish front, there are 15 boys and as many girls. The organising club KLTK, has four girls and two boys in the main competition.

Welcome to the Royal Tennis Club of Stockholm (KLTK) for this world-class junior tennis tournament. The KKDP is organised in collaboration with the Swedish Tennis Association and KLTK.