It is most often the case that our former more stronger contestants, also prove to be successful during future junior Grand Slams. Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris attracts many of the worlds most promising young talents, this opportunity to compete at the highest level early on in their tennis careers proves to give them the edge in the future.

Although it is a long road to the top, we can see that there is a correlation between being a good young player on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour and then, just a few years later, being competitive at the highest junior ITF-level. Then within months or a couple of years, making it closer and closer to breaking into top 100 in ATP or WTA tour.


During the Australian Open we have some familiar names:


Quarterfinals, Singles:

Alexey Zakharov, Russia

Yshai Oliel, Israel

Emil Ruusuvuori, Finland


Semifinals, doubles

Kacper Zuk, Poland

Alexei Popyrin, Australia

Duarte Vale, Portugal

Maja Chwalinska, Poland