Sweden had a strong day, a record number of Swedes are playing in this year’s Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris, a total of 25 (17 boys and 8 girls). The second round begins today and there are still 12 Vikings (10 boys and 2 girls) left on the court.

It should be noted that we are only in the second round of the tournament and that the 16 seeded players start playing today, Tuesday.

At the end of day one of the main event it was clear that the remaining Swedish 14-year olds were enjoying themselves, and they looked determined not to make an early exit from their home tournament.

There were of the international players three boys who stood out from the crowd and whom it will be interesting to follow through the rest of the week; Jacobi Bains (Bahamas), Marko Andrejic (Austria) and Miguel Gomes (Portugal).

Of the girls it was especially exciting to watch the Swedes Klara Milicevic and Louise Wikander play, both looking confident enough to challenge the seeded players. Even our Nordic neighbours Finland and Norway had two girls make it to the second round.

Today the level of the games will be turned up another notch when the two top seeds in both the Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris will play on court 2.

The finalists from last week’s Tennis Europe Junior Tour tournament of Category-3, XL Bygg Open (Tyresö), both face a tough task today. Måns Dahlberg tackles second seeded European Elmer Möller from Denmark, and top seed of Sweden, Arslan Temirhanov, meets second-seeded Briton (European eighth seed) Derrick Chen.

Welcome to Kungliga Tennishallen for tennis of the highest level!