Sweden’s most tradition-bound tennis tournament, Kungens Kanna, attracts Europe’s and some of the world’s best 14 year-olds to Stockholm and Kungl. Tennishallen (the Royal Tennis Hall) in February 22 to March 1, 2015.

Kungens Kanna is the world’s longest-running elite tournament that has been held without any interruptions. The first trophy was donated by King Oscar II, on request by Crown Prince Gustaf. World stars such as Arthur W. Gore, Jaroslav Drobny, Sven Davidson, Lennart Bergelin, Ulf Schmidt and Bjorn Borg have all triumphed in Kungens Kanna.

Drottningens Pris has been played since 1950. The first final was never finished, as the king passed away on the morning of the final’s day, the 29th October. World stars such as Wimbledon-champion Angela Mortimer and our own Swedish top player Sofia Arvidsson, have both triumphed at the tournament.

The two unique trophies bear the names of all champions since the very beginning: 1901 for Kungens Kanna and 1950 for Drottningens Pris.

The sign in for this Tennis Europe Junior Tour category-1 event opens on the 29th of December 2014.