It was a tough opening day for the Swedes at the Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris but some wins on this opening Monday for the Swedish players.

The toughest possible competition at the Royal Tennis Club this week when 100 of the best 14-year-old players in Europe and the world are here. The importance of this kind of experience is not to be underestimated, these opportunities are few for our Swedish juniors

– There was great rhythm at times, and we held the initiative during some brief moments, but overall the competition was too hard. These matches are so helpful for our players, they do not get this on a day-to-day basis, comments Tournament Director Joe Beaton.

In the singles, four out of 15 boys and four out of 11 girls survived the first round, however considering the competition this is not as bad as it looks. The stronger on this day was Emilio Zielkowski, Norrköping TK, Albin Jansson, Näsbyparks TK, the Winter Cups team’s Eldin Nokic and KLTK’s Gabriel Berner (picture) all now get a chance in the second round.

On the girls’ side there was a sturdy Winter Cups Team: Johanna Bernhold, IS Göta, Agnes Mitterregger, Djursholms TK and Nadia Mezan, Farsta TK. A great win also from a strong Ida Johansson from Mälarhöjdens IK.

The highest seeded players did not disappoint during the opening day, all performing at a great standard.

On Tuesday the doubles event will commence, you are all welcome to visit the Royal Tennis Hall to see some spectacular tennis.