Our beloved Bicky Chakraborty has passed away after struggling with his health for some time. 

The well-known entrepreneur, business manager, philanthropic and tennis lover Bicky Chakraborty is no longer with us. 

Bicky arrived in Sweden from India as a 21-year-old, and in parallel with his studies, he saw a need to improve the housing situation for the students in Stockholm. The interest was awoken; from there, the road was set to an extensive, well-maintained and successful hotel chain, Elite Hotels of Sweden.

He brought his interest in tennis from his home country and has been a great friend of Swedish tennis for decades. 

When the Royal Tennis Club of Stockholm (KLTK) planned to reshape Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris to become an international junior tournament, it was natural for KLTK to turn to Bicky to check if he had the possibility of engaging in the project. He had, and no one, not even Bicky, could imagine that the tournament ten years later, without doubt, would classify as one of the two biggest 14-year-old competitions in Europe. 

It wouldn’t have been possible without Bicky’s engagement and the partnership with Elite Hotels.

To honour the memory of Bicky, we will continue with our work of youth tennis and Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris.