With only four days to go until the tournament starts, we chatted with Jack Pinnington Jones. It has now gone five years since winning Kungens Kanna 2017 and Jack remembers a very joyful tournament.

What do you remember from the tournament? What are your best/strongest memories?
– I remember the tournament. Everyone who helped run the event was amazing. The best memories was probably playing on the centre court in the final and getting to have that experience.

The singles final was against your doubles partner Joel Pierleoni (7–6, 4–6, 7–6). How was it to meet your friend and doubles partner?
– It was an interesting match playing Joel who’s a good friend and my doubles partner. It felt like it was always going to be close and three sets. I was just lucky to get the win.

When you won, you said, “This win means the world to me” – can you explain a little how you felt then?
It was my biggest title I’d ever won and I wasn’t a favourite to win it at all so it felt surreal to lift the singles and doubles trophy. That’s what made it so special.

What do you remember from when you didn’t play matches and from Stockholm/Sweden?
– I remember Stockholm being a great city with loads of things going on. There was just a really nice buzz about the place whereever you went and people were always so welcoming.

Would you recommend 14-year-olds to play Kungens Kanna? Why?
– For me it’s a must to play that tournament in the under 14 tennis schedule. It’s held at an unbelievable venue and it’s one of the strongest Tennis Europe tournaments of the year so it’s a great way to see where you are at against everyone.

What’s your next goal? Do you have any main goals for your tennis career?
– I’d say my next goals are to make it to top 100 and keep trying to improve and get better at tennis and ideally make a living from playing the sport.