We are already at Friday’s quarter-finals in this TE Super Category tournament.

Of the players that remain, Mark Ceban on the boys’ side and Anna Pushkareva on the girls’ side are the favourites. In January, they won one of the world’s most prestigious junior competition, Les Petits As in Tarbes in France. They also played the 2022 Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris; Pushkareva went to the final, and Ceban to the quarter-finals. So they are back and keen to get into the history books. Will they make it, or will the opposition stop them on the way?

The second-seeded Pole Jan Urbanski meets German Marco Ontiveros Castro. The German is coached this week by Thomas Högstedt, who works for the German Tennis Association.

There is an exciting player, a year young for the event; Canadian Joyce Geng defeated second-seeded Sofie Hettlerova and is playing fierce tennis with loads of power. She is worth keeping an eye on.

The “wall” Veronika Sekerkova is challenged by the Belgian Marilyn van Brempt, who will try to find holes in the Czechs solid game. Can the tournament’s most powerful player Yevgeniya Kryvoruchko defeat the favourite Pushkareva?

One Swede remains in the bonus draw. Anabelle Teikari (Helsingborgs TK) plays the quarter-final on Friday. – It is great fun to meet many new players and to watch a lot of tennis. I wanted to win my first match in the main draw, but I’m still satisfied, and now I’m hoping for a semi-final in the Bonus Draw.