Sebastian Eriksson, a 18-year-old player representing The Royal Tennis Club, first entered Kungens Kanna in 2018 as a wildcard recipient. In his debut match, he faced the 8th seeded Nikita Bochatrev, resulting in a first-round loss. The following year brought a similar outcome, with Eriksson exiting the tournament in the early stages.

Despite these setbacks, Eriksson’s junior career has shown steady progress. Notably, his recent performance at the Orange Bowl earned him a spot in the semifinals, highlighting him as one of the best juniors in the world.

As of the latest ITF junior rankings, Eriksson holds the 21st position. His track record includes 11 ITF junior titles, distributed among 6 singles and 5 doubles victories.

In 2024, Sebastian Eriksson is set to transition to the professional tour, marking a significant step in his tennis journey.

Eriksson’s measured approach and growing experience suggest a promising future, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for the Swedish talent.