It’s a rematch for Ksenia Efremova, who lost to Anna Pushkareva recently in Les Petits As. Pushkareva also has “unfinished” business in the Royal Tennis Hall as she was runner-up in the 2022 event.

Pushkareva won the doubles with the Brazilian Victoria Barros on Saturday, so she is hoping for “the double” tomorrow.

Both girls won comfortably their singles semi-finals, and we can expect exciting exchanges from the baseline with high tempo; neither of them will give up at any moment; we expect them to fight every ball as if it was their last.

On the boys’ side, European runner-up Savva Rybkin managed what no other 14-year-old has done this year; he defeated European number one Mark Ceban in his semi-final. Pole Jan Urbanski has shown stability all the way to the final. Rybkin is extremely explosive, so we’ll see if he can break through the Urbanskis rock-solid defence.

The Germans, Marco Ontiveros Castro and Vincent Jakob Reisach, won the doubles final after 10-7 in the decisive match tiebreak.

See you on finals day!