Who will secure the final spots in the classic and prestigious Kungens Kanna & Drottningens Pris? A very exciting day awaits with singles semifinals and doubles finals.

One of the highlights this Saturday will undoubtedly be the match between the top-seeded Jana Kovackova from the Czech Republic and the one year younger Megan Knight from the United Kingdom. Both have impressed greatly during the week and both comfortably won their quarterfinals against Ukrainian Polina Skliar and Bosnian Tea Kovacevic respectively. “It feels really good to be in the semifinal, a great opportunity for me,” says Knight.

The other semifinal features Xinran Sun from China against German Sophie Triquart. Sun eliminated 12-year-old Darina Matvejeva, who had impressed so far, and Triquart also won convincingly against Israeli Daniel Baranes. “Of course, I hope to reach the final, we’ll see what happens tomorrow,” says Sun.

In the boys’ draw, there was an upset as top-seeded Richard Krizan from Slovakia lost to Andrei Radu from Romania in a tough three-setter. Radu will face Sebastian Tejerina from Poland in one semifinal, who dropped two games against Erikas Maskolaitis from Lithuania. “It’s a great feeling and I can hardly wait for the semifinal. We’ll see what happens,” says Andrei Radu.

Qualifier Nikita Berdin has played outstandingly in the Royal Tennis Hall and was extremely close to advancing after having several match points, but German Johann Nagel-Heyer turned it around and won miraculously 0-6, 7-6, 6-1. “I am so happy, but of course, I want more,” says Johann Nagel-Heyer.

Johann Nagel-Heyer will face second-seeded Czech Pavel Oliver Dufek who secured a win against Canadian talent Callum MacKinnon. “I know Johann and I know what is required in the semifinal. I believe I have a chance to win,” says the Czech player.

It’s almost impossible to predict who will clinch the final spots, as the level has been high among all the players. Jana Kovackova is the player who has a chance to win both titles as the doubles finals are also scheduled for Saturday. On the girls’ side, the Czech pair Jana Kovackova and Katerina Zajícková will face Polina Skliar from Ukraine and Aleksandra Zaplawa from Poland. On the boys’ side, the Bulgarian pair Plamen Kolev and Dimitar Topchiyski will face Patrick Breen from Ireland and Eric Lorimer from the United Kingdom.

We kick off Saturday at 10:30 AM and that’s when the Bonus Draw finals will also be decided, where among others, Swedish talent William Repakis (Upsala TK) will participate.